Everett Trip

Here are some highlights from our trip to Everett for two nights of Steam Powered Giraffe shows.


On the plane to Everett


Our prints table


View from the stage at the Historic Everett Theatre


Before leaving we went to the cafe from Twin Peaks!


The Spine




James taking photos


Turn Back the Clock ballet


New Rabbit print

My Flickr set of the shows


Gallifrey One 2015

James and I went to Gallifrey One for the first time last weekend! I wish there had been more guests from the new Doctor Who, but we still saw a lot of people that we love and had a lot of fun. I got in line early on Friday and Sunday (James had to work for the first half of Friday) and got the front row for room A on both days. Taking photos is usually my favorite part of any convention, and getting the front row allowed me to get really great photos. Naturally, John Barrowman was the most fun guest to photograph. He walked around the stage for the whole hour doing handsome and hilarious faces and poses. I’ve only just started going through my photos, and I know his are going to be the hardest to sort!

The photos I’ve posted so far (and eventually the whole set) can be found here.

BETH6860a BETH7152a

I didn’t get any autographs or photo ops. I would have liked a photo with John Barrowman, but photo ops are really expensive, so I have a short list of people I’ll spend the money on if I get an opportunity. For Doctor Who, it would be David Tennant and Billie Piper.

Here are a few photos from the weekend. I was very happy to finally buy a Ten, a Rose, and a K-9! They all live on my desk now.

IMG_8183 IMG_8200 IMG_8232 IMG_8238

A day in San Diego

I really wish that we hadn’t had to move away from San Diego. We’re constantly going down there to do fun things, and we would be able to do a lot more if it wasn’t an hour and a half drive. Today we went to the San Diego Safari Park and The Cheesecake Factory with Bunny and Carissa.

My favorite thing about the Safari Park was the big cats. We saw a lion do some serious roaring, more than I’ve ever seen in real life. We also got to see a cheetah run at top speed. It was amazing to see those things in person. I didn’t take any photos today, but James got some good ones that he should be posting soon. (Edit: here are his photos!)

Here are a few Instagrams from today:

Pacific Rim

I tend to get bored during action movies, and I had the impression that Pacific Rim was just going to be one long action sequence after another. I wasn’t very interested in seeing it based on the trailer, but I gave it a chance because I heard nothing but positive reviews from everyone who saw it.

The trailer definitely didn’t do the movie justice. Pacific Rim is not just an action movie. It actually has an interesting story and likable characters and it spends enough time developing them that you can become emotionally invested, instead of rushing to get to the next action sequence like I thought it would. There’s still plenty of giant robots beating up aliens, but not so much that it becomes too tedious. I only got a little bored once or twice.

I recommend seeing it in IMAX 3D.