The Chemical Garden Trilogy: Non-Spoiler Review

whither1Thanks to a botched attempt at genetic engineering, females die at age 20, while males die at age 25. Girls are frequently snatched off the streets for brothels or to be placed in polygamous marriages for breeding purposes. The latter is what happens to Rhine Ellery, who finds herself in a luxurious mansion with a stranger as a husband and three sister-wives. She wants to escape and get back to her twin brother, but her new father-in-law has made a perfect prison, one that holds dark and dangerous secrets.

That’s the basic premise of Wither, the first book of the Chemical Garden Trilogy by Lauren DeStefano, but it gets a lot more complicated and interesting than that. Admittedly, the plot isn’t perfect. Some basic aspects of it don’t seem to make sense. However, I think that overall the story is a good one, and the characters are engaging enough to make up for whatever deficiencies the plot might have.

I started reading Wither in a bookstore after seeing a YouTuber recommend it, and I didn’t want to put it down. The second book was a bit slow compared to the first one, but the pace picked back up again for the third book. I really enjoyed reading this series.

Overall rating for the series: B-


Pacific Rim

I tend to get bored during action movies, and I had the impression that Pacific Rim was just going to be one long action sequence after another. I wasn’t very interested in seeing it based on the trailer, but I gave it a chance because I heard nothing but positive reviews from everyone who saw it.

The trailer definitely didn’t do the movie justice. Pacific Rim is not just an action movie. It actually has an interesting story and likable characters and it spends enough time developing them that you can become emotionally invested, instead of rushing to get to the next action sequence like I thought it would. There’s still plenty of giant robots beating up aliens, but not so much that it becomes too tedious. I only got a little bored once or twice.

I recommend seeing it in IMAX 3D.


Photo shoot: Paige Law (5/26/13)

My main strength in photography is capturing moments as they happen. I have much less experience with photo shoots, but that’s something I’m trying to change. During a convention last month Paige Law (Walter Girl Paige from Steam Powered Giraffe) was kind enough to do an impromptu shoot with me. We both had a lot of fun and I’m pretty happy with the photos that I took. I’d like to do another photo shoot soon, only next time I’ll make sure to find an interesting location with some variety.

To see the full set on Flickr, click on the image below.